FreeBSD & Serial ATA

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sun May 1 17:41:48 PDT 2005

At 10:10 AM 01/05/2005, O'Reilly, Stuart wrote:

>The system is a P4 1.8Ghz system with 512MB RAM and 2 x 80GB drives 
>running in RAID 1. The system will be co-lo'd so something reliable is 

I have had really good luck with the 3ware 8xxx cards for some time.  A 2 
port version can be had for ~$100USD.  I have quite a few running 4.x and 
now RELENG_5 with great results.  You can also pull off the SMART info from 
the drives via the smartmontools as well as monitor the status via CLI and 
httpd apps.


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