FreeBSD & Serial ATA

Björn König bkoenig at
Sun May 1 07:41:44 PDT 2005

O'Reilly, Stuart wrote:

> I'm in the process of building / upgrading a server and have chosen 
> FreeBSD to run it. One requirement is the ability to support RAID 1.  
> I am looking at adding a Serial ATA PCI card but i'm unsure which is 
> best.

This is a low-budget suggestion:

I have good experiences with RocketRAID 1520 and 1640. I'm running a 
1640 with three SATA drives since one year without problems; it's just a 
little bit slow. Highpoint offers binary FreeBSD drivers for these 
controllers, but I think that people don't like this kind of support 
because Highpoint neglects it for older models and this dependency might 
be dangerous in future. Keep in mind: you'll get what you pay for.


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