Problem with IBM xSeries 226 with ServeRAID 6i+ using FreeBSD 5.3

J. Buck Caldwell freebsd at
Tue Mar 29 13:23:11 PST 2005

Scott Long wrote:

> J. Buck Caldwell wrote:
>> Any help would be appreciated. Requests for more detail will be 
>> answered promptly.
> It sounds very much like an interrupt routing problem.  Have you tried 
> the 5.4-BETA CD?
> Scott
No help. Booting normally brings me to the same point - "ips0: resetting 
adapter, make take 5 minutes" - then nothing. System just hangs. Also, 
after that point, hitting the power button will not power-off the 
machine (of course, holding it in will). Anytime before that point, 
hitting the power button will turn the power off instantly.

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