Problem with IBM xSeries 226 with ServeRAID 6i+ using FreeBSD 5.3

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Mar 29 11:01:22 PST 2005

J. Buck Caldwell wrote:
> I'm having a serious problem with my IBM xSeries servers. I have several 
> in the field working properly, using ServeRAID 6i controllers with 
> firmware v7.00.14. However, I just recently ordered two new ones, and 
> now I can't get them to work. The controller is a 6i+, with firmware 
> v7.00.17.
> Using stock 5.3 Boot CD or floppy, I get as far as the IPS driver 
> resetting the controller, which appears to work (the drive lights flash 
> as though the controller is resetting). Then nothing. The system hangs, 
> the fans slow down, nothing ever happens.
> If I boot in Non-ACPI mode, it's the same thing. However, if I boot in 
> Safe Mode, it works perfectly. I've even managed to install the OS onto 
> the system. However, in Safe Mode, I have no network adapters, so the 
> server becomes instantly useless.
> Any help would be appreciated. Requests for more detail will be answered 
> promptly.

It sounds very much like an interrupt routing problem.  Have you tried 
the 5.4-BETA CD?


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