Panic after plugging in an mp3 usb player, 5.4-PRERELEASE

Marwan Burelle Marwan.Burelle at
Fri Mar 25 03:37:29 PST 2005

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 02:19:06PM -0600, Scot Hetzel wrote:
> The problem is that the developers don't have all of the devices to
> test to find theses quirks.  So until someone inserts one of these
> malfunctioning devices into there FreeBSD system, we won't know what
> quirk needs to be added.

But, if you just take a look at quirks in the concerned file, you will
see many time the same quirk for similar mp3 player. I think that the
proliferation of OEM mp3 products with different identifying strings
is in large part cause for this.

It's seems that the DA_Q_NO_SYNC_CACHE quirk is the most common, could
it be possible to activate it by default for some reasonable set of
devices (I don't know if we can identify them by other means than id
string ... ) ? It could save a lot of time, make work a lot of
existing and forthcoming mp3 players. The existing solution and the
situation of OEM mp3 players ensure us that there will always be an
unsuported devices on the market at any time. The fact that it make
the system panic is _annoying_ (in place of other ugly expression, my
english is poor.)

This is not an attack, just my 2cc remark.

Burelle Marwan,
Equipe Bases de Donnees - LRI
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