Panic after plugging in an mp3 usb player, 5.4-PRERELEASE

Ian Dowse iedowse at
Tue Mar 22 17:13:46 PST 2005

In message <20050322134837.GE557 at werd>, Radek Kozlowski writes:
>My 5.4-PRERELEASE/i386 as of today panics almost immediately after
>plugging in an mp3 usb player (Qware BeatZkey! Pro 512MB). I don't have
>device ehci in the kernel.


Did this just suddenly stop working when you updated to the latest
5.x-stable, or did it ever work for you before? There were a number
of USB changes in 5.4-PRERELEASE yesterday, so it's important to
know whether they broke anything. If the problem is not new then
it may just require a quirk as already suggested.



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