Mounting a filesystem-in-a-file via fstab? (md/mfs)

Raphael H. Becker rabe at
Mon Mar 21 02:42:09 PST 2005

Hi *,

I recently tried to move my newsspool into a seperate filesystem in a
flatfile and mounted it as a md device. Works perfectly with hands-on, 
but there doesn't seem to exist a proper way to do this during startup

Actually I have this line in /etc/fstab, but everytime that filesystem
is mounted via fstab, it will be formatted using newfs:

md  /var/spool/news   mfs   rw,-F/data/spool_news.ufs,-U  0  0

How do I disable the newfs from mount_mfs?

Is there any proper way in the bootscripts, to set up md-devices and
mount them automatically? It should even destroy /dev/md${n} on umount.

Any solutions? TIA.

Raphael Becker

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