Panic - cannot get a dump

Bob Johnson bob89 at
Fri Mar 11 07:04:04 PST 2005

> Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:06:08 -0600
> From: Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at>
> Subject: Panic - cannot get a dump
> To: freebsd-stable at
> Message-ID: <4230FD10.50800 at>

> (This is a follow up to earlier messages I sent to freebsd-smp because 
> then I thought it was an smp issue - now I am not so sure.)
> I have been experiencing some panics on my dual processor Xeon system. 
> It can take up to a few days for a panic to happen, and it seems to 
> happen under heavy loads.
> twe0: <3ware Storage Controller. Driver version> port 
> 0xd880-0xd88f mem 0xde000000-0xde7fffff irq 25 at device 3.0 on pci4
> twe0: 2 ports, Firmware FE8S, BIOS BE7X

> twed0: <Unit 0, RAID0, Normal> on twe0
> twed0: 228944MB (468879104 sectors)

> Mounting root from ufs:/dev/twed0s3a

Any chance your RAID array is built from two-year-old Western Digital 
drives?  Your problem sounds a lot like the one discussed here:

The message above doesn't mention it, but the WD KB article also 
includes a fix for drives on 3Ware controllers.

- Bob

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