twa breakage on AMD64with9.1.5.23wareversionand2005-01-1103:00:49 UTC RELENG_5 commit

Scott Long scottl at
Thu Mar 3 20:53:34 GMT 2005

Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> Well, it may work for you, but not for me.
> Still hangs exactly in the same spot.
> Jean-Yves
> On 21/01/2005, at 12:24 AM, Michael Meltzer wrote:
>>  looks like patch3 worked, good job! I had to turn off TWA_DEBUG to 
>> get the boot going, the debug was starving the boot on a 9600 baud 
>> terminal. I can increase the speed and caputer the output on monday if 
>> it will help(it on the large side, bigger than the 10,000 line capture 
>> buffer in am using).  I incude 2 iozone reports, the first one the new 
>> driver the second one the old driver, Is thier a way to increase the 
>> "read ahead" in freebsd?? -mjm
> ---

I have a patch that I'll be posting for review tonight that hopefully 
will put all of this to rest.  Stay tuned, and harass me if you don't 
see it by tomorrow.


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