Need really cheap IDE mirroring PCI controlled for FreebBSD 4.10

Gerald de la Pascua geralddelapascua at
Thu Mar 3 09:10:02 GMT 2005

we have had very good experiences with the basic 3ware cards, 
I would recommend them,  easy to install,  reliable, and good perfomance, 
in the uk they cost just over 100 pounds,  so a similar price to two
disks to plug into them.   When a disk fails  you would willingly pay
many times this amount,

kind regards,  Gerald

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 21:50:41 -0800, pete wright <nomadlogic at> wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 17:27:07 +0300, Artem Kuchin <matrix at> wrote:
> > Can anybody recommend cheap IDE mirroring PCI (2.0, not 2.1 or 2.2)
> > controller with just 2 IDE ports which works fine with FreeBSD 4.10 ?
> >
> > It is to be installed on a very old motherboard (1998) and two 40GB IDE
> > driver (more or less modern ones, at least not used ones for  sure).
> sorry I don't know of any really cheap one's off hand, altho I do have
> experience with 3Ware RAID cards on 4.x.  They seemed to work well,
> and they are less expensive than proper SCSI cards...altho slower.  If
> cost really an issue would it be worth mirroring your disks in
> software via VINUM?
> -p
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