VIA M1000 mini-itx system installation woes - WRITE_DMA error - cabling?

Dick Davies rasputnik at
Wed Apr 27 05:57:18 PDT 2005

* Bruce M Simpson <bms at> [0440 11:40]:
> However, I agree, this is *annoying*; I don't know of 80 + 4 conductor cables
> for 2.5" ATA drives. If anyone knows of such things then please do let me
> know, as I've had significant problems with a development system at work which
> is Mini-ITX form factor based with a 2.5" drive.

i got a cubid 3688 last week and moved the bits from a working
5.3 box into it. it came with a 3.5-2.5 cable which also split
for the slimline cdrom.

On reboot it forced the ATA100 travelstar drive to udma33
and atacontrol wouldn't up it.

 I swapped out the cable for a normal ata100 one and used a
2 dollar converter card on the back of the drive to convert
2.5" -> 3.5" - works fine now.

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