Will 5.4 be an "Extended Life" release?

Wilko Bulte wb at freebie.xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 18 10:13:54 PDT 2005

On Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 11:02:14AM -0600, Brett Glass wrote..
> At 10:00 AM 4/18/2005, Steve Ames wrote:
> >> Perhaps. But then, all of the software that recognizes "official" releases
> >> and does things like download ports, etc. won't work.
> >
> >It would recognize it as 4.11. 
> Actually, it tends not to recognize it at all. If the string doesn't
> say "4.11-RELEASE", the software reports that ports, packages, etc.
> can't be found. Try installing packages with /stand/sysinstall on
> a snapshot and you'll see what I mean. Colin's "FreeBSD-update" seems
> to exhibit similar behavior.

Go to options and change that '4.11-RELEASE' into whatever you like.
It will stop complaining.

Whether it works to (say) tell a 4.x CD to install (say) 5.x ports
is another matter :)

But this way you can e.g. have a <foo>-SNAP install the packages of the 
preceding <foo>-RELEASE.

Wilko Bulte				wilko at FreeBSD.org

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