Hp dc7100 installs 5.4-rc1 from CD but won't boot from HD

ZsoltKúti kutizs at axelero.hu
Thu Apr 14 10:56:46 PDT 2005

> On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, John Hawkes-Reed wrote:
 > (Which I think covers the problem)
 > Boots from CD ok, USB keyboard seems less than reliable, so I'm
 > using a PS2 item. Running through 'standard' install appears to
 > write data to the (SATA ICH6 controller) disk, but on reboot it sits
 > at the F1: FreeBSD prompt beeping every ten seconds.
 > Is there likely to be anything obvious I've missed? (Or indeed more
 > useful data I can provide.)


I had the same problem recently. What I figured out is that in the BIOS
 you can change automatic geometry detection to another one. Don't
remember which. Mail me if you can't find it.


Zsolt Kúti

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