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Dick Davies rasputnik at
Tue Apr 12 04:26:36 PDT 2005

* Nick Barnes <Nick.Barnes at> [0405 11:05]:
> I run FreeBSD as my main desktop, but occasionally have to develop,
> build, or test software on a variety of other x86 operating systems
> (mainly Windows NT 4, Windows XP Pro, and Red Hat Linux).  At the
> moment I have a row of mini-towers and a KVM switch.  I'd much rather
> run these other machines as virtual machines under FreeBSD.  Can
> anyone recommend virtualizing software for FreeBSD?  I don't mind
> having to pay, as long as it really works.
> I see that VMWare, for instance, is not supported on FreeBSD.
> I'm running 4.9-RELENG at the moment, but considering an upgrade to
> 5.x.

xen is on the way, but don't think it's quite ready yet (and wont' do
winders until Vanderpool ships). If you fancy a go, google for it -
kip macy has been doing a lot of patches etc. to 5.x.

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