bktr and Interlacing

Mark Dixon mark at markdnet.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 10 06:39:42 PDT 2005


As I'm without a TV at the moment, I decided to plug my XBox into my TV card 
(via bktr driver) and attempt to play the brilliant Burnout 3 via my monitor 
and mplayer. Unfortunately, as soon as things get busy (as they inevitably do 
in this game), the screen started to show signs of interlacing all over the 
place, and as you can imagine, when driving into oncoming traffic at 200mph, 
interlacing is not very helpful. 

I had a quick look at the source and can't see any obvious interlace controls 
- although there is one slightly worrying comment:

* XXX NOTE (Luigi):
* currently we only support 3 capture modes: odd only, even only,
* odd+evgen interlaced (odd field first). A fourth mode (non interlaced,
* either even OR odd) could provide 60 (50 for PAL) pictures per
* second, but it would require this routine to toggle the desired frame
* each time, and one more different DMA program for the Bt848.
* As a consequence, this fourth mode is currently unsupported.

Does anyone know if there is a simple switch that needs setting somewhere to 
make the card not do this, or if its simply a performance problem with 
something (my computer, mplayer, bktr driver) not being able to keep up with 
the amount of activity the XBox is throwing at the screen.


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