nfsiod tasks started in error

bob at bob at
Thu Apr 7 13:11:58 PDT 2005

During sysinstall answered no to the server and client nfs questions
and after installed completed and system rebooted I see task
nfsiod1,2,3,4 running in output of ps ax command.  This was not the
case in any of the 4.x releases. This can be looked upon as a
security leak. This may be a error in the new boot up process. This
was first reported 1/16/2004 in 5.2 RC2 as Problem Report kern/61438
and again in 5.3 as Problem Report kern/79539

I tried to run /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ script to kill these
unwanted tasks but that does not work.

Any suggestions on how I can kill these bogus nfs tasks as part of
boot up or what to change in the boot up process so these tasks
don't get started in the first place? Doing a manual recompile of
the kernel to remove the nfs statements is not a viable solution.

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