Jason Thomson jason.thomson at mintel.com
Thu Apr 7 03:12:51 PDT 2005

Patches were posted to this list by David Sze to support the amr driver
on 4.x.  (Re: Can FreeBSD be installed on DellPowerEdge2800?  10th March

We have had 4.x + PAE with 6GB of ram on a Dell 2850 running flawlessly
under (occasional) heavy load for the last month.

I don't know whether those patches have been comitted,  but it would be
nice if they could be.

Scott Long wrote:

> Jeremy Bogan wrote:
>>> The lack of PAE support for aac in 4.11 is unfortunately correct.  It 
>>> would probably take 1-2 days to backport it, but it hasn't been a
>>> high priority so far.
>> Thanks for the info. I'm actually swapping out the PERC/3 card with a 
>> PERC/4 since it doesn't use the aac driver, and I can't see any issues 
>> with the amr driver supporting more than 4GB memory.
> Uh, no, the amr driver in 4.x doesn't support >4GB either.  Well, it 
> kind of will, but it will die under load.
> Scott
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