FreeBSD mpd PPTP client connection to SnapGearLITE+

Walentyn Walentyn at
Tue Apr 5 07:12:48 PDT 2005

Quoting Daniel O'Connor <doconnor at>:

> On Tue, 5 Apr 2005 18:55, Walentyn wrote:
> > > Any reason you are using mpd? I have only done it with ppp..
> >
> > No native FreeBSD ppp MPPE support (for example with PPTP-Client).
> Err yes it does..
> From ppp(8)
>      Supports MPPE (draft-ietf-pppext-mppe)  MPPE is Microsoft Point to Point
>      Encryption scheme.  It is possible to configure ppp to participate in
>      Microsoft's Windows VPN.  For now, ppp can only get encryption keys from
>      CHAP 81 authentication.  ppp must be compiled with DES for MPPE to oper-
>      ate.
I stand corrected.

>From my previous reading, it looked like there were a whole bunch of disparate
patches to give ppp MMPE functionality.  From the quoted manual section, it
seems that it has rudimentary functionality if you compile it yourself.  (I
prefer NOT to roll my own.)

Also from what I read, it would appear that netgraph/mpd, etc. is a more
integrated more cleanly coded implementation that should work very well -- if
you can get it to work, that is.  :)

I'll tinker with my set up for another day or two.  If I'm able to get it
working I'll report.  Otherwise, I found that SnapGear may be dead as a company
but Cyberguard still supports it and has come out with some very interesting
new products, in particular a PCI NIC firewall/VPN (see URL below) which might
just be what I need.

Thank you for all your suggestions!


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