Mounting an iPod as an external HDD

Robert Leslie les at
Wed Apr 6 20:11:53 PDT 2005

log in as root on the console, and plug it in.  if you are using 5.x with
 devfs, it will be immediately recognized and the system will print the
correct device name (/dev/) out to the console.  i haven't mounted one
myself, but a friend of mine plugged his in to one of my boxes, to charge
it, and the system immediately recognized it as a hard drive.  it should
mount just like any other device.  oh yeah, and make sure usbd is enabled
and running.  (i don't know enough to say if compiling the drivers into
the kernel will take care of this).

-- les

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Joshua Lewis wrote:

> Hello list,
> How do I mount a USB external drive? I know how to mount other devices but
> I don't know how to mount a USB device.
> I have an iPod that I have been using as an external backup drive for my
> PC and MAC. I was wondering how I would mount the iPod on my FreeBSD
> system so I can move my TLS certificates off of it on to my production
> mail server.
> I would be using USB 2.0 and it is the only USB device. I believe the iPod
> has two slices. One slice for the iPod OS and one slice for my data. I
> have a custom kernel with OHCI and UHCI USB controllers compiled in as
> well as the md, da, and sa drivers compiled in. If I missed anything in
> the compile I can recompile the kernel tonight.
> Thanks for any advice in advance.
> Joshua Lewis
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