Mounting an iPod as an external HDD

Joshua Lewis jmlewis at
Wed Apr 6 19:52:25 PDT 2005

Hello list,

How do I mount a USB external drive? I know how to mount other devices but
I don't know how to mount a USB device.

I have an iPod that I have been using as an external backup drive for my
PC and MAC. I was wondering how I would mount the iPod on my FreeBSD
system so I can move my TLS certificates off of it on to my production
mail server.

I would be using USB 2.0 and it is the only USB device. I believe the iPod
has two slices. One slice for the iPod OS and one slice for my data. I
have a custom kernel with OHCI and UHCI USB controllers compiled in as
well as the md, da, and sa drivers compiled in. If I missed anything in
the compile I can recompile the kernel tonight.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

Joshua Lewis

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