Headless install with 5.X floppies not possible?

Ralph Hempel rhempel at bmts.com
Sat Apr 2 09:10:57 PST 2005

David Magda wrote:
> On Apr 2, 2005, at 09:45, Ralph Hempel wrote:
>> I haven't tried it with 5.x, but here's how I modify the CD to
>> allow headless installs for 4.x
>> <http://www.hempeldesigngroup.com/embedded/stories/ 
>> bdgFreeBSDHeadless.html>
> Wouldn't is be better to simply use the "-P" option instead of "-h"?
>  From boot(8) on my FreeBSD 4.x system:
> -P    probe the keyboard.  If no keyboard is found, the -D and -h
> options are automatically set.


> Are there any major issues with making this the default for x86 (and
>  amd64?) for future releases?

Dave, great suggestion! I'm glad you took the time to read my
little article and coment on it.

It's things like this that keep the list interesting!

Cheers, Ralph

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