sshd: fatal: monitor_read: unsupported request: 24

Michael Ranner mranner at
Tue Dec 30 03:19:17 PST 2003

Am Montag, 29. Dezember 2003 12:19 schrieb paolo.pisati at
> Hi guys,
> i've problem trying to login on a freebsd-stable box using ssh and pub key
> authentication.
> If i try to login from a linux box i got this msg in my log:
> fatal: monitor_read: unsupported request: 24
> this only happen if i try to login as root and the pub key is correct
> (cause i used it with other account).
> Any idea on how to solve it?

I had the same problem, just compile ssh from source (/usr/src) and
reinstall it, which solved my problem of "fatal: monitor_read: unsupported 
request: 24"

/\/\ichael Ranner

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