sshd: fatal: monitor_read: unsupported request: 24

Marian Hettwer MH at
Mon Dec 29 03:40:18 PST 2003

Hi Paolo,

just a short guess,

paolo.pisati at wrote:
> Hi guys,
> i've problem trying to login on a freebsd-stable box using ssh and pub key
> authentication.
> If i try to login from a linux box i got this msg in my log:
> fatal: monitor_read: unsupported request: 24
> this only happen if i try to login as root and the pub key is correct (cause
> i used it with other account).
You are sure, that you allowed direct root login via ssh in your FreeBSD 
box, are you ? Because the default installation denies direct root login.
See /etc/ssh/sshd_config the Parameter '#PermitRootLogin no' which is 
the default.
You have to write 'PermitRootLogin yes' to allow it.


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