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Thu Dec 18 14:11:25 PST 2003

> I'd like to install a DMZ with firewall, wab server, mail server.

What connection (bandwidth) are you planning to serve?
ADSL, T1/E1 or even higher?

> I've got 2 marchins:
> - pc 166 hp avec 2G DD
> - pc AMD 2Ghz avec 120 G DD.
> Questions:
> - which version of freebsd can i install on pc 166 ?

FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE (or -STABLE) would work perfectly well.

>  Can i install mail server on my pc 166 ?

Sure, either sendmail, which is already part of FreeBSD,
or any other mail server, like, e.g. /usr/ports/mail/postfix

If you plan to add SpamAssassin, _and_ you have to filter
a LOT of mails, things could slow down somewhat, but even
there, if you don't have many users, pc 166 would be enough,
I'd guess.

> - I need a comfortable web site with many connexion. Do i install lot of 
> RAM memory ?

What do you mean with "many connections"? How many simultaneous
connections? Please give some numbers.

Would you serve mostly static HTML pages, or will the content
be highly dynamic (CGIs, mod_perl, java/tomcat...)?

> how can i have an IP fixe ( IP stable ) free ?

Ask your ISP for a static IP. Most ISPs will agree to give you
static IPs for a slight surcharge (read: a few dollars or euros/month
extra). If you can't get a static IP, consider using a dynamic DNS
service, like e.g. with a DNS update client:

> - Otherwise, Where can i have install in externe web server on FAI and 
> free ?

What does FAI mean?

> thanks
> nico

Cordula's Web.

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