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On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 07:56:32PM +0100, nico wrote:
> hi,
> ok, i don't speak very good.

You're doing well enough.

> I'd like to install a DMZ with firewall, wab server, mail server.
> I've got 2 marchins:
> - pc 166 hp avec 2G DD
> - pc AMD 2Ghz avec 120 G DD.

> Questions:
> - which version of freebsd can i install on pc 166 ?

Recommend you use 4.9-RELEASE

> Can i install mail server on my pc 166 ?

You can, but the other machine would be better.  Your firewall machine
is not very powerful, plus it's generally better to separate server
functions from firewalling if you can.

> - I need a comfortable web site with many connexion. Do i install lot of 
> RAM memory ?

Basically, yes: the web server will work a lot quicker if it can keep
a memory cache of files rather than having to read them off disk every
time.  How much memory you need depends on your site's content and
whether you're using such things as CGI, PHP or Java servlets.

> how can i have an IP fixe ( IP stable ) free ?
> - Otherwise, Where can i have install in externe web server on FAI and 
> free ?

You're unlikely to get completely free IP connectivity, but if you
hunt around for an ISP or Hosting provider you may find one that will
give you a service package that suits you.



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