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Nathan Whitehorn nwhitehorn at
Sat Jan 2 19:09:57 UTC 2016

On 01/02/16 10:17, alexmcwhirter at wrote:
> It turns out that i will have some time open up this year and i would 
> love to do some work on SPARC64, i have plenty of machines laying 
> around. Im also not opposed to hosting a machine or two in my office's 
> DC for others who want to help.
> I guess i need to know what needs attention first? I'd like to do some 
> work on the bootloader and installer (zfs from installer would be 
> nice) and of course sun4v. It seems what needs the most attention is 
> the build toolchain, am i correct? I can't recall what version of GCC 
> SPARC64 is currently running, but 4.9 shouldn't be too hard to 
> implement. I think clang is not really considerable at the moment and 
> GCC 5.0+ will take more work, but 4.9 is still newer than what most 
> GNU/Linux distros are providing excluding the bleeding edge ones.

ZFS should already work from the installer if you use the partition 
editor rather than the x86-only "ZFS" tool. I haven't tested it, but the 
support has been there for some time and should work.

Toolchain work would be really helpful, I think (as would testing of 
those installer bits!).

> This would be my first real contribution to FreeBSD, so any pointers 
> or docs are graciously accepted.
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