Sparc64 doesn't care about you, and you shouldn't care about Sparc64

alexmcwhirter at alexmcwhirter at
Sat Jan 2 18:34:31 UTC 2016

It turns out that i will have some time open up this year and i would 
love to do some work on SPARC64, i have plenty of machines laying 
around. Im also not opposed to hosting a machine or two in my office's 
DC for others who want to help.

I guess i need to know what needs attention first? I'd like to do some 
work on the bootloader and installer (zfs from installer would be nice) 
and of course sun4v. It seems what needs the most attention is the build 
toolchain, am i correct? I can't recall what version of GCC SPARC64 is 
currently running, but 4.9 shouldn't be too hard to implement. I think 
clang is not really considerable at the moment and GCC 5.0+ will take 
more work, but 4.9 is still newer than what most GNU/Linux distros are 
providing excluding the bleeding edge ones.

This would be my first real contribution to FreeBSD, so any pointers or 
docs are graciously accepted.

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