memstick installation for sparc64?

Kurt Lidl lidl at
Sun Feb 24 22:40:29 UTC 2013

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 03:55:56PM -0500, Chris Ross wrote:
>   I have a Sun Netra X1 I'd like to install FreeBSD onto.  I intend
> two drives in it, and while I _could_ install one disc, load from
> an IDE CD-R, then install the other and
> reconfigure, I was looking into the idea of either:
>   a) boot/install from a USB optical drive, or
>   b) boot/install from a USB flash drive.

Only "some" ultrasparcs have the ability to boot from USB.  I've
attempted to get the prom to probe/boot from usb thumb drive on my
sunfire v240, but haven't gotten success there.  (I've successfully
booted other i386/amd64 machines from this particular thumb drive,
so I know that modern-ish BIOS on those machines find this drive
"OK" with regards to booting.)

I haven't attempted it on my sunfire v120 yet.  I don't have a
USB cdrom/dvd to try it with.

There's this, that says OBP 4.27 (or newer) is required:

My SunFire V240 has:
	OpenBoot 4.16.2
My V120 has:
	OpenBoot 4.0

So, I doubt it will work on any of the machines I have.
I don't know what you have in your X1, but it's an easy first thing
to check.


>   I notice, that at least for 9.1 release, there are only boot1 and disc1 ISO's for sparc64.
> Does this suggest that the memstick image is known not to work?  
>   In any case, has anyone been able to get either of my desired solutions above to work
> on a sparc64?  I'm wanting to install a self-built 9-stable, in case that matters.
>   Thanks.
>                            - Chris
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