memstick installation for sparc64?

Chris Ross cross+freebsd at
Sun Feb 24 20:55:58 UTC 2013

  I have a Sun Netra X1 I'd like to install FreeBSD onto.  I intend two drives in it, and
while I _could_ install one disc, load from an IDE CD-R, then install the other and
reconfigure, I was looking into the idea of either:

  a) boot/install from a USB optical drive, or
  b) boot/install from a USB flash drive.

  I notice, that at least for 9.1 release, there are only boot1 and disc1 ISO's for sparc64.
Does this suggest that the memstick image is known not to work?  

  In any case, has anyone been able to get either of my desired solutions above to work
on a sparc64?  I'm wanting to install a self-built 9-stable, in case that matters.


                           - Chris

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