Enabling PkgNG (Was: error installing pkgng)

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at prodigy.net.mx
Wed Feb 20 22:35:24 UTC 2013

On Saturday 16 February 2013 13:19:24 Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez wrote:
> can pkgng be installed in sparc64?

If I don't istall the bootstrap, can I use PkgNG in FreeBSD 9.1 (sparc64), it 
is a fresh install

Since FreeBSD is moving in the direction of PkgNG, I can install software with 
the ports, but registers new software with pkgng

To ensure the FreeBSD Ports Collection registers new software with pkgng, and 
not pkg_install, FreeBSD versions earlier than 10.X require this line 
in /etc/make.conf:


> # /usr/sbin/pkg
> The package management tool is not yet installed on your system.
> Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]: y
> Bootstrapping pkg please wait
> pkg: Error fetching
> http://pkgbeta.FreeBSD.org/freebsd:9:sparc64:64/latest/Lates
> t/pkg.txz: Not Found

Well, looks like pkgng can't be installed, when I access the URL, I do not see 
a folder (freebsd:9:sparc64:64) for the sparc64 platform

Currently this site only contains pkg bootstrap files!

Updated: 2012-11-28 11:30 UTC.

 Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
 freebsd:8:x86:32/       29-Nov-2012 12:44    -   
 freebsd:8:x86:64/       29-Nov-2012 12:45    -   
 freebsd:9:x86:32/       29-Nov-2012 12:44    -   
 freebsd:9:x86:64/       29-Nov-2012 12:45    -   
 freebsd:10:x86:32/      29-Nov-2012 12:44    -   
 freebsd:10:x86:64/      29-Nov-2012 12:45    -   

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