FreeBSD-9.1 freezes on sun ultra-30

Magnus Lindholm linmag7 at
Mon Feb 18 11:36:40 UTC 2013


I've installed FreeBSD-8.3 on my sun ultra-30, the 9.1 boot-only install CD failed to boot, so did the 9.0 install CD. 8.3 worked fine and from that I upgraded to 9.1 from source. The system has been up and running for a day or two when I get the message:

pcib0: correctable DMA error AFAR 0x3aecc400 AFSR 0x40f400009f800000

I't repeats a few times on the console and then the system freezes. The system was doing some work building stuff from the port-collections, so the load was quite heavy. Is this hardware related (failing hardware) or is something in the 9.1 kernel thats doesn't work well with my hardware?



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