User Quarantine Release Notification - Wed, 07 Sep 2011 00:03:20 -0500

Wed Sep 7 05:07:21 UTC 2011

An email sent to you was quarantined. This notification lists your emails quarantined since the previous Quarantine Release Notification. Click a Message ID to release an email from quarantine. If an email has multiple recipients, when any one recipient releases the email, it is released for that recipient only. You may have additional messages that were quarantined before this  notification. Click on the first hyperlink on this page (or copy and paste the link in a browser) to view a list of all of your quarantined messages. If any messages in this notification are deleted or released before you view the list, those messages do not appear in the list.

Message ID	Sender	Subject	Size(Bytes)	Date	Info	Multiple Recipients

7313148	heather.innes at		1552	2011-09-06 11:14:35	SPAMQ TRU ESP100	Y
  This message sent by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

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