Java on FreeBSD/sparc64

Craig Butler craig001 at
Tue Jan 12 00:18:47 UTC 2010

On 15/12/2009 07:33, Greg Lewis wrote:
> It's slow and I'm not particularly confident of how well it works on SMP.
> But if you're feeling adventurous and have FreeBSD/sparc64 8.0 and a yen
> to use Java then you might be interested in trying it out.
> Note that this isn't a package, its just a tarball based on the BSD port
> of OpenJDK 7.
> If you were particuarly keen you could install Mercurial with the forest
> extension, hg fclone and
> see if you could use it as a bootstrap to port HotSpot so it was faster.
> Sorry, I don't think I have the bandwidth to get this going on 7.x right
> now.  If you'd like to I can outline roughly what I did.
> There will eventually be an openjdk7 port that will make this easier.


Thank you very much, I can confirm this is working with the latest 8 
stable as compiled earlier today.
I had to install devel/libffi to satisfy a dependency for java executable.
I unpacked the openjdk tarball into /usr/local and included the bin path 
into my PATH environmental variable.

Simple hello world program compiles and runs... brilliant :*) java on 
sparc64 under freebsd, perfect


Craig B

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