Newbie to FreeBSD on SPARC - questions about Sun hardware

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at
Mon Jan 11 19:51:27 UTC 2010

> Two things that make me use FreeBSD before (Open)Solaris on any piece of SPARC hardware I get my hands on:
>  - It "feels" faster, snappier, whatever, no hard evidence, just gut feeling
>  - FreeBSD is, from my perspective and when using non-bundled opensource software, easier to manage. Three words: ports, portmaster, freebsd-update.
> /Eirik
Many thanks for the opinion Erik it is much appreciated!

I have the same thing in mind even though I've just actually started 
with FreeBSD, only 1 week now of usage and the first thing I did was 
setup an internet streaming radio station from it.....

On the PIV 2.4GHz machine it is on currently with 480MB of RAM I can 
really compare with Linux as I've been using that since 2k5 that it 
takes much less system resources then any other OS. I mean I am only 
using between ~80-90MB of RAM - ok so CPU is a bit excessive between 
~30-50% but that's due to 32 bit single socket/core CPU architecture not 
being able to handle darkice efficiently. Try doing that with Solaris or 
Linux.... nigh on impossible!

I reckon with the CISC architecture or the SPARC that the system will be 
even better and faster! Then add the 4 sockets of the V480 I am looking 
at :-D ....bliss.



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