How about support of UltraSPARC IV/IV+ (Sun Fire V890)

Marius Strobl marius at
Sat Feb 6 14:26:19 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 12:51:51PM +0200,    wrote:
> Helo !
> I have Sun Fire V890 server with mixed UltraSPARC 4/4+ CPU boards.
> When I tried to boot 8.0-REL/SPARC64, the loader panic with “no node for bootcpu” message.
> This is because of limit of maximum CPU type set to UltraSPARC 3 in sys/boot/sparc64/loader/main.c.

No, this particular problem is caused by the fact that the CPU
cores hang off of pseudo-busses which group them together in the
OFW device tree of these machines instead of directly from the
root nexus.

> Does support of higher CPUs (4/4+) planned in SPARC64/sun4u versions of FreeBSD ?
> Or may be it allready exists in -CURRENT ?

Generally support for additional sun4u models is added as such
hardware becomes available and time permits. As for UltraSPARC
IV and IV+ based systems support for these should be already
covered by the changes necessary for V1280 I have in my local
tree, the workarounds needed for several errata of these CPUs
are still missing though.
Could you provide a OFW device tree dump (`prtconf -Ppv` under
Solaris) of that machine?


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