How about support of UltraSPARC IV/IV+ (Sun Fire V890)

Шиденко Андрій Олександрович ashidenko at
Wed Feb 3 11:11:31 UTC 2010

Helo !

I have Sun Fire V890 server with mixed UltraSPARC 4/4+ CPU boards.

When I tried to boot 8.0-REL/SPARC64, the loader panic with “no node for bootcpu” message.
This is because of limit of maximum CPU type set to UltraSPARC 3 in sys/boot/sparc64/loader/main.c.

Does support of higher CPUs (4/4+) planned in SPARC64/sun4u versions of FreeBSD ?
Or may be it allready exists in -CURRENT ?

PS. Sorry for my poor English.

Andrej A. Shidenko.

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