Hardware Donation?

Tim Nelson tnelson at fudnet.net
Mon Jun 8 20:24:54 UTC 2009

Greetings Fellow FreeBSD Sparc'ers!

Well, I've decided to throw in the towel on my Sparc gear. I have a bit of
it and it's just going to waste. Either it's sucking power for no good
reason or sitting in the corner gathering dust. I've been an avid FreeBSD
and Sun Sparc fan/user for quite some time and I would like to give back
while ridding myself of some surplus gear. The gear is being offered free
of charge (including shipping!) to the FreeBSD team for
development/testing/building/ports/etc. Here it is:

=Sun Enterprise 420R
+4x 450MHZ UltraSPARC-II
+2x 18.2 GB SCSI HDD (including a handful of extra drives)
+2x Power Supplies
+Optical DVD Drive

=Sun Ultra 5
+1x 400Mhz CPU
+512MB RAM (or possibly more... can't remember)
+20GB HDD (could be larger... can't remember)
+Optical CD Drive

Everything is in perfect working order and includes some spares:

+(2)18.2GB and (2)9.1GB SCSI HDDs for 420R
+(1) Extra CPU for Ultra 5
+Assorted manuals, boxed solaris 8 manuals/media, etc...

Well, there it is. Please contact me if you'd like to see this gear put to
use for the project. As mentioned, I'll ship it to a dev for placement/use
with FreeBSD. If none of the devs are interested, I'll send out another
blurb on the list offering it up for grabs to anyone else, although you'll
need to pay for shipping. :-)


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