binary problems

Nenhum_de_Nos matheusber at
Tue May 15 17:12:53 UTC 2007


I've a sunblade 150 that can't do anything apart being a server :(
FreeBSD is the most stable desktop OS I've tried, I don't want to run
SunOS, and not tried OpenBSD as desktop in it. But there is something
that allways anoyes me, everytime the system is ok to be used things (
most of the time, firefox) begin to give me core dumps :(

I've installed the latest -STABLE, then csup'ed and compiled to the
newestby the time:

[matheus at sunblade /usr/home/matheus]$ uname -a
FreeBSD sunblade 6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #1: Mon Apr 23 13:44:24
BRT 2007     root at sunblade:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/Blade  sparc64
[matheus at sunblade /usr/home/matheus]$

I can update it to whatever branch is needed, I just need to make it a
GDM+Gnome Desktop. X is fine now.

this is seen since 6.1R days. I've tested two different 150's, changed
memory and HD's. I've used precompiled firefox's, ports build ones,
and everytime this happens :(

if anyone has any clues ...



We will call you cygnus,
The God of balance you shall be

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