freebsd-update/sparc64 and buildworld statistics

Royce Williams royce at
Tue Feb 20 07:19:51 UTC 2007

Christian Baer wrote, on 2/19/2007 3:50 AM:
> On Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:10:03 -0900 Royce Williams wrote:
>> cperciva told me recently that he could start building the patches for
>> freebsd-update for sparc64 today -- if he had access to a Sun with
>> enough oomph to buildworld in under an hour.
> Is there such a thing? AFAIK FreeBSD (as any on the BSDs) currently only
> support UltraSPARC I and II processors which means no more than 450MHz.
> You would need quite a few of those to reach that goal, although I doubt
> that it could really be done at all just by using more processors as the
> building of the world partially has to be done step by step. You can't
> just start anywhere, some things have to be finished before others can
> be done.

It may be that there's no way to break that 1-hour barrier.  Maybe I
can convince Colin that, until full cross-compiling is available, we
sparc64 folks would settle for slightly-delayed binary security
updates (instead of never getting them at all).  It's the very fact
that we're running on slower hardware that makes freebsd-update so

I'd still like to see what a quad Ultra 80 can do, though. :)  Who has
access to one of these?

Chris, did you do any of the other things that the handbook
'Rebuilding "world"' section suggests -- noatime /usr/src, async
/usr/obj, etc?  Also, are you tracking 6.2-STABLE, -RELEASE, or
something else?  If -STABLE, as of when?  Over time, these data points
may be relevant.

>> Is anyone interested in tracking buildworld times for various FreeBSD
>> versions and architectures?  Now that is in
>> production, maybe it could go there -- or we could keep it elsewhere.
> Well, I'll let you decide where to put the first few benchmarks. :-)

This'll do until we come up with something better:



FreeBSD - The SPARC to Serve

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