Netbooting Sparc64+HD question (Boot problems resolved without netboot)

Didrik Madheden didrik at
Sat Apr 28 15:14:24 UTC 2007

It seems that the original reason why the computer wouldn't boot from
CD was probably a combination between a faulty CD drive and a bad CD.
I tried both using another drive and burning a new CD, but not in
combination AFAICR.
It seems as if the drive will actually succeed in booting every 5
times or so. Then my next problem was that I couldn't connect to the
FTP sites to start the installation. This probably had to do with port
forwarding, which I fixed, but if so it's strange that not even
passive ftp worked. It also seemed that the netwrok interface was
killed whenever the FTP connection failed so I had to reconnect.
(Could no longer resolve host names, and stopped answering ping.)

But now I think I got it right, and a netinstall is rolling. With my
luck, the installation will probably abort for no reason just when the
boot setting are about to be written to the HD, so I have to do
everything allover. Then I'll probably find out that my newly bought
HD has physical errors.

Maybe I'll try on netbooting sometime again when I feel more
confident. The bright side of it of course that I have learnt some
things about my system.

One last question remains though, about my hard drive. I'll just copy
it from my last mail.
I also saw this message in the boot log:
>atapci0: using PIO transfers above 137GB as workaround for 48bit DMA access bug
> expect reduced performance
This may be a problem since my disk is 400 GB big. Is this bug FBSD
specific? Is there a workaround for using DMA without bugs?

/Didrik Madheden

On 4/28/07, Miles Nordin <carton at> wrote:
> >>>>> "dm" == Didrik Madheden <didrik at> writes:
>     dm> It actually lets me load a kernel over tftp,
> yes, you can do that, but you should load the kernel over NFS instead.
>     dm> but appearantly I had to begin the file path with / for load
>     dm> but not for more.
> annoying.
> Is there working reverse-lookup for your client on the NFS server (DNS
> or in /etc/hosts)?
> What does 'rpcinfo -s' on the server say?

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