Netbooting Sparc64

Didrik Madheden didrik at
Sat Apr 28 11:44:04 UTC 2007

On 4/28/07, Miles Nordin <carton at> wrote:
> Is there working reverse-lookup for your client on the NFS server (DNS
> or in /etc/hosts)?
AFAICT, yes.
hosts>            sune.lan
ethers> 0:3:ba:8:1c:11  sune.lan

> What does 'rpcinfo -s' on the server say?
   program version(s) netid(s)                         service     owner
    100000  2,3,4     local,udp6,tcp6,udp,tcp          rpcbind     superuser
    100005  3,1       tcp6,udp6,tcp,udp                mountd      superuser
    100003  3,2       tcp6,tcp,udp6,udp                nfs         superuser
    100024  1         tcp,tcp6,udp,udp6                status      superuser
    100021  4,3,1,0   tcp6,udp6,tcp,udp                nlockmgr    superuser

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