Netbooting Sparc64

Royce Williams royce at
Sun Apr 22 00:18:22 UTC 2007

Didrik Madheden wrote, on 4/21/2007 3:12 PM:
> I have a Sparc64 (SunBlade 100 to be precise) which I have some
> problems booting. I got it from my university when they upgraded, so
> there could possibly be something fishy with the boot settings. (Even
> though I doubt that's the true problem)
> I've tried burning a bootable FBSD (6.2 as well as 7.0) disc, which
> the computer does not at all react to, even when doing [break], boot
> cd.
> So my hope now (and the question this mail is about) is to netboot the
> sparc, and do the install that way. To my aid I have a working i386
> FBSD 6.2 box.
> The one thing that I'm really missing now is the necessary bootstrap
> to initiate the install process. I've found one out-of-date guide with
> a non-working link to a bootstrap.
> Generally I feel that there's a lack of consistent documentation on
> the subject. I've googled to best of my abilities, but I'm not
> satisfied. A push in the right direction, or possibly attention from
> people who have successfully netbooted their Sparcs would be
> appreciated.

What guide are you following?

It's been a few years, but here's the directory where I stashed the
stuff that worked for me.


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