Terrible hme throughput

Frank Jahnke jahnke at sonatabio.com
Wed Sep 27 13:45:04 PDT 2006

I forgot to cc: the list, so here it is.

On Wed, 2006-09-27 at 16:01 -0400, Lucas Holt wrote:
> A few suggestions come to mind.  Try another protocol and see what  
> type of transfer speeds you get.  

It there one you might suggest?

> Test the performance of your hard  
> drive reads/writes.  Its possible the drive controller is not using  
> udma for example.  Some of the sun machines only support wdma which  
> limits transfers to 16MB/s if it happens to use IDE.  Granted, this  
> doesn't explain the performance entirely but if there are a lot of  
> interrupts for disk IO, it may slow down your network performance.

It is a SCSI drive using 20MB/s transfers at the controller.  It has
been tested and it works properly (about 15MB/s speeds).  Though not
fast, that should be plenty for a 100Mb/s network (typo in original


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