Getting 6.1 Sparc64 onto a Netra X1

Joshua Pincus joshua.pincus at
Fri Sep 1 06:34:09 UTC 2006

Yes.  It does.

On 8/31/06, K Chapman <tech2187 at> wrote:
> Joshua Pincus <joshua.pincus at> wrote:
>  Hi,
> I had similar problems on a Sun Fire V210. The problem is that your
> cdrom device alias is wrong, hence OBP can't open the device.
> On the Sun Fire V210, I figured out which bus the CD-ROM was connected to
> through trial and error using a SCSI disk that I would plug into
> different bus slots and
> try to boot.
> Eventually, I figured out the right bus and created a device alias for
> cdrom:
> devalias cdrom /pci at 1c,600000/scsi at 2,1/disk at 6,0:f
> (This is a printout of the entry from my nvramrc.)
> You don't need the devalias to boot the system. You just need the
> complete path, like the one following the "cdrom" term as above.
> Remember, the CD-ROM is nothing more
> than a read-only hard drive. In this case, I was able to boot by
> sticking the CD-ROM at
> SCSI device location 6 and booting from the same :f partition as you'd
> expect.
> Coincidentally, I took the hard drive with FreeBSD on it and removed
> it from the V210.
> I placed it in my own Netra X1 and have been running FreeBSD ever since!
> does the probe-scsi-all (probe-ide for come models) obp command not work on
> netras?
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