Getting 6.1 Sparc64 onto a Netra X1

K Chapman tech2187 at
Fri Sep 1 04:55:54 UTC 2006

Joshua Pincus <joshua.pincus at> wrote: Hi,

I had similar problems on a Sun Fire V210.  The problem is that your
cdrom device alias is wrong, hence OBP can't open the device.

On the Sun Fire V210, I figured out which bus the CD-ROM was connected to
through trial and error using a SCSI disk that I would plug into
different bus slots and
try to boot.

Eventually, I figured out the right bus and created a device alias for cdrom:

devalias cdrom /pci at 1c,600000/scsi at 2,1/disk at 6,0:f

(This is a printout of the entry from my nvramrc.)

You don't need the devalias to boot the system.  You just need the
complete path, like the one following the "cdrom" term as above.
Remember, the CD-ROM is nothing more
than a read-only hard drive.  In this case, I was able to boot by
sticking the CD-ROM at
SCSI device location 6 and booting from the same :f partition as you'd expect.

Coincidentally, I took the hard drive with FreeBSD on it and removed
it from the V210.
I placed it in my own Netra X1 and have been running FreeBSD ever since!

does the probe-scsi-all (probe-ide for come models) obp command not work on netras? 
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