sparc64/91882: Ultra 10 mouse/keyboard

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Tue Jan 17 07:13:02 PST 2006

>>>>> "rs" == Robert Slade <bsd at> writes:

    rs> The problem is not with Xorg, that works. 

The problem is with the Xorg config file.  I think the config file
should either be shipped so that it always works, or if someone feels
there are really important knobs there, then with commentable stanzas
for type 5 / usb / sysmouse, and one of them uncommented that works
for type 5 mice which seem to be overwhelmingly common.

    rs> during install the mouse demon is not installed unlike the
    rs> i386 fbsd version.

Is there a reason for that, or is it a bug?  But yes I guess you could
fix it that way, too I doubt any of the people asking really care, so
if one is easier than the other...

    rs> the problem report was addressed to a lack of mouse drivers
    rs> which was incorrect.
    rs> If the OP had googled for an answer he would have found it.

ok, fine, agreed, FreeBSD and Xorg are FANTASTIC and have ALL THE
DRIVERS <pat on back>.  but what difference does that make to the
issue we're discussing?  We both agree that there is a problem since
people keep asking, so it seems like the fact that people keep asking
is the important fact in the PR, not misunderstood minutae on the part
of the reporter or whether or not the reporter can use google or
whether or not he smells nice.

    rs> would humbly suggest that issue is addressed in the
    rs> errata.

I'm just saying that an errata that says ``everyone should cut and
paste the following into one of the files we shipped you on your
system, because you'll need it to make things work'' seems like DTWT.

It's bad enough Xorg makes you mess around with video timings and
breaks ddb on systems that don't have any hardware text mode and don't
need the i386 set-mode/reset-on-exit model.  The least it can do is
start with mouse support on systems where almost all of the supported
systems, since we are <USIII only, (except one?  blade 100?) have
exactly the same mouse so there is no real configuration required,
just hoop-jumping.

k.  sorry for the bad tone and to write so much on a very minor topic.
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