type 5 kbd/mouse woes

James Tanis jtanis at pycoder.org
Sat Jan 7 11:47:02 PST 2006

> /dev/cuau3`.  This will allow you to have Xorg access
> the mouse via /dev/sysmouse, as well as providing
> mouse functionality on a syscons console.  So yes, the
> mouse does in fact work on the console with FreeBSD
> 6.0 on sparc64. :-)

Thanks, I tried a similar command, but I was attempting to use kbd0 I believe.

> The LED problem is a known issue, and I have a GNATS
> ticket open on it, you can check out the FreeBSD bug
> tracking system and see if you maybe have anything to
> add to the information I've already provided in that
> ticket to assist the kernel dev folks in identifying
> and addressing the lock key LED problem. However, as
> all the toggles still work just fine, I marked the
> ticket as non-critical.

I can definately live without the LEDs. I'll look, If there is
anything I can do to help I certainly wouldn't mind. The particular
box I'm talking about is an ultrasparc 60 that I just got my hands on,
eventually it'll run headless in my closet.. but that won't be until
I'm much more familiar with the platform. Unfortunately I sold my soul
to my fiance and agreed to get rid of my spare ss5 and a barebones
ss20 that I'd gotten years and years ago :P.

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