FreeBSD 6.0 installed

Robert Slade bsd at
Sun Feb 19 07:41:47 PST 2006

On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 14:01, Tee Nor wrote:
> Prolog:
> SUN Altra I model 200E workstation, "pizza box",  hard drive failed, 
> replaced with SUN 4.2G.
> 512M intack, replaced CDROM drive. replaced key board and mouse with Used 
> keyboard type6,
> 3button mouse from other type unkown, Monitor adaptor to IBM flat screen. No 
> network
> installed at this time.
> BSD 6.0 installed, and checks out good. "Jolly good show"
> Keyboard mapping is correct for console mode!
> Problem: startx, displays correly, however, keyboard mapping incorrect and 
> mouse is not functional.
> Example of keyboard miss map: pressing the up arrow, causes a return in 
> xterm. Most keys
> produce "\" or "/" or numbers ie "5".
> Post log:
> Any ideas (file names) where I should start investigating?
> Tom


This has been covered a number of times please see the archives.


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