FreeBSD 6.0 installed

Tee Nor tnor at
Sun Feb 19 06:01:39 PST 2006

SUN Altra I model 200E workstation, "pizza box",  hard drive failed, 
replaced with SUN 4.2G.
512M intack, replaced CDROM drive. replaced key board and mouse with Used 
keyboard type6,
3button mouse from other type unkown, Monitor adaptor to IBM flat screen. No 
installed at this time.

BSD 6.0 installed, and checks out good. "Jolly good show"
Keyboard mapping is correct for console mode!

Problem: startx, displays correly, however, keyboard mapping incorrect and 
mouse is not functional.

Example of keyboard miss map: pressing the up arrow, causes a return in 
xterm. Most keys
produce "\" or "/" or numbers ie "5".

Post log:

Any ideas (file names) where I should start investigating?

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