6.0-BETA5 and Ultra 1 !?

Marius Strobl marius at alchemy.franken.de
Tue Oct 18 10:35:14 PDT 2005

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 02:20:55AM +0200, Gheorghe Ardelean wrote:
> Hi,
> As I have an unsupported Plain Ultra 1 I was trying to play with it and
> 6.0-BETA5. I have just installed the 6.0-BETA5 on a Diff SCSI drive in an
> Ultra 5 and then moved the drive to the Ultra 1 with additional SBUS
> Diff SCSI card from Qlogic and a SUN FAS366 SBUS Card (which I
> planned to use for network connection).
> To my surprise it booted ok (last time I have tried with 5.x it gave me
> no console ) and *recognized* the onboard SCSI controller (console on
> serial port). After that I have mounted the internal CDROM and I was able
> to copy data from the installation CD to a directory on the Diff SCSI HDD.
> So it really seems that the onboard SCSI is supported (at least to some
> extent) on a Plain Ultra 1!
> I have made a dump|restore of the boot disk to the internal one.
> Everything went ok. I have tried now to boot from the internal one and I
> get:
> Rebooting with command: boot
> Boot device: disk:a  File and args:
> >> FreeBSD/sparc64 boot block
>    Boot path:   /sbus at 1f,0/espdma at e,8400000/esp at e,8800000/sd at 0,0:a
>    Boot loader: /boot/loader
> Consoles: Open Firmware console
> FreeBSD/sparc64 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.0
> (root at u60.samsco.home, Mon Sep 19 02:48:26 UTC 2005)
> bootpath="/sbus at 1f,0/espdma at e,8400000/esp at e,8800000/sd at 0,0:a"
> Fast Data Access MMU Miss
> So I am not able to boot from it but I can use it if I boot from the other
> disc (Diff SCSI one). What could this be?

That's an issue with the loader. The underlying problem is that
firmware-wise a disk attached to the on-board controller of an U1
can't be opened (as in OF_open()) multiple times without closing
it again in between. I'm not yet sure how to solve this in a sane
way. As a workaround, build a loader without gzipfs (e.g. cd to
/path/to/src/sys/boot, run `make LOADER_GZIP_SUPPORT=no` and copy
the resulting /path/to/src/sys/boot/sparc64/loader/loader to
/boot on the disk attached to the on-board controller).


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